The results and tests have been achieved in non-scientific cooperation between a top football league club that plays internationally and their 1st team players

Results and tests are anonymous with a summary and an average of the tests are held by performance. In this summary, there are personal results and tests that only the club has access until.
We chose a physical training day on grass with 14 men in attendance. Two teams were chosen without knowing why. Each team consisted of 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenses and 3 attackers.

One team only received water and warm up, the other team (called SportsFREQ TEAM) got a PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE Protocol for football applied on the body, with the help of the sportsFREQ rep and two coaches. They got water and warm up. They then did normal training as before an important match.
Below is an average both in terms of previously obtained results and the results achieved here and now. There are some fluctuations in the group, which is quite normal. A single player almost doubled +100% in all exercises

As it appears in the results, overall progress is higest in the number of repetitions of the same weight. In a longer test run, we have seen an increase in the actual strength so they can add more weight to their training. There are no Testosterone discs used in these tests.
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