Sonikqua Walker, Track & Field Athlete from Jamaica.
Sonikqua Walker, Track & Field Athlete from Jamaica.
SportsFREQ is a product line made for professional athletes, coaches, trainers, therapists, and doctors working within Sports of all disciplines. The product originated from Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy (ANF Therapy), which has become a top choice of pioneering therapists and doctors worldwide who want a Non-Chemical, Holistic Treatment modality with immediate results.
 ANF Therapy was invented in 2012 by Dr. Mikel HG Hoff.
Today there are over 700 ANF therapists worldwide.

SportsFREQ explanation
Dr. Mikel H-G Hoff on the power of SportsFREQ Discs
How SportsFREQ Discs Work
Our body is in a way, a mobile portable micro-electric generator. Based on this idea, we developed a wearable disc that is capable of being charged with specific nervous system frequencies, which are then released when exposed to heat sources such as the human body

Each disc is designed for specific needs, and has different frequencies programmed into it. For example, if you want to optimize nitric oxide, or ATP production, or reduce lactic acid, there are specialized discs for each of these nervous system functions.

With all the various SportsFREQ performance & recovery protocols, we can tap into the human body’s energy field and the nervous system to create immediate and impressive results in strength, endurance, and recovery.

SportsFREQ Discs use neuro frequencies to assist the body’s level of performance and self-healing functions.
A system that purely utilizes the science of nervous system and eliminate chemical and organic substances from Sports therapy.
How will SportsFREQ
be able to help your athletes and players?

  • Improve your Performance by up to 24% 
  •   Optimize Nitric Oxide Production
  • Optimize Blood Circulation
  •   Optimize Lung Function 
  •  Optimize Heart Function 
  • Improve Lymphatic Function 
  •  Optimize RBC Production 
  • Optimize Organ Function
  • Maximize Cellular Energy Production

  • Prevent Injuries
  • Shorter Recovery Time
  • Help the Body’s Ability to Self Repair
  • Optimize Cellular Antioxidants
  • Reduce Lactic Acid
  • Optimize the Body's Immune System
  • Reduce and/or Prevent Pain 
  • Prevent Stomach Problems
  • Prevent Cramps
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Remove Physical Stress

  • Improve Concentration 
  • Optimize Optic Nerve Function
  • Optimize Mental Balance
  • Refocus Nervous System Priorities 
  •  Prevent Mental Stress 
  •  Optimize Mental Performance 
  •  Optimize Mental Focus
  • Remove Excessive Thoughts
  • Prevent Performance Anxiety

  • Pain-Free Rehabilitation
  • Shorten Injury Time
  • Regain Strength Faster
  • Counteract Muscular Degeneration 
  • Prevent Stress Injuries
  • Decrease Risk of ACL Injuries
  • Decrease Inflammations
  •  Use for Ligaments, Muscle Tissue, Swelling or Scar Tissue
  • Aid in Optimal Performance and Recovery
  • Rehab Training Without Risk of Worsening the Injury
Main Features
  • SportsFREQ's frequency Discs supply the body with resources to self-repair
  • ​Use for ligaments, muscle tissue, swelling or scar tissues
  • ​Boost the production of antioxidants to heal injuries faster
  • ​Begin a pain-free rehabilitation faster
  • ​Recover strength faster in the affected area or body 
Main Features
  • Prevent injuries
  • ​Remove acute and chronic inflammations
  • ​Inflammation weakens the muscles and ligaments 
  • ​ Invisible Inflammation might only be felt during palpation
  • ​Remove invisible inflammation to increase performance
  • ​Muscles with inflammations feels heavy and takes longer to recover
  • ​To increase muscle mass - remove invisible inflammation
  • ​Remove acute inflammation prevent long term injuries

Phase 1: 

"Holistic" Injury Treatment
First, We treat the injury by applying the SportsFREQ Discs in order to address inflammation(s) and thereby reduce the pain as quickly as possible. We also incorporate frequencies designed to optimize the healing process and remove stress from the nervous system
During this initial phase, most SportsFREQ Therapy's patients experience some detox effects. This can be uncomfortable, but it is a positive sign. It indicates that their body is responding to the therapy and is healing.

Phase 2: 

In-depth Focus Phase
At this stage of the treatment, the most common and serious inflammations show significant improvements and the number of discs to be applied is substantially reduced. The focus will now be on a more in-depth treatment of the concerned areas.

Phase 3: 

Regeneration Phase

Once the inflammation is removed, the regeneration of muscle tissues and optimal rehabilitation can take place. It is important that the patients still listen to their body and do not over-exert themselves above the pain threshold.

Phase 4: 

A Healthy Body in Balance
The injury treatment ends and patients have no more pain and the affected area is normalized. The patient can now choose to support their immune system and reduce the risk for new injuries by applying the maintenance treatment.

Boost Your Performance
Dr. Mikel Hoff on how and why Performance
Recovery Mastery
Dr. Mikel Hoff on lactic acid & Nitric Oxide
Mental Focus is Key
Dr. Mikel Hoff on focusing brain priorities
SportsFREQ gives you the possibility to improve PERFORMANCE, RECOVERY and prevent INJURIES without the use of chemical or organic substances.

After decades of experience within professional sports, we know what every PRO Athlete needsand is looking for - optimize PERFORMANCE, fast RECOVERY time and prevent INJURIES.

SportsFREQ is the new approach for treatment and optimization.
  • Improve Performance
  •  Faster Recovery
  •  Eliminate Lactic Acid
  •  Prevent Mental Stress
  •  WADA Compliant
  •  No Chemical Substances
  •  CE & TGA Registered
  •  FDA Licensed

Liam Buell
ANF Instructor & Ambassador 
Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy
ANF Holistic Therapist
"Last night I was invited to Starfire Sports by Dr Lee Schuster and the Seattle Seawolves Rugby team to talk about ANF and Sportsfreq! Lee is currently learning ANF and together we treated around 10 of their players! Saw lots of messed up ankles and acute swelling and trauma to muscles. Every one of them saw a 50-80% reduction in pain! I think I probably made an impression."

What if in the future athletes could all safely and effectively manage pain and inflammation without having to resort to opiates and other drugs!?
Akshay Arora
B.P.T, MSc.- Advancing Physiotherapy Practice
Manual Therapist, MIAP, HCPC(U.K)

Aideen Osborne
B. Physio IRE, MAPA
Commonwealth Games, Polyclinic

Sprinter athlete from GC2018, this time with a hamstring injury. Combination of physio, acupuncture and ANF therapy with SportsFREQ discs. A week later, she felt like she could start run training again. Very smooth and fast healing in terms of normal rehab. Followed sciatic nerve root from L5 but also acupuncture meridian (Urinary Bladder).
and find out how SportsFREQ can work for you

on why?
Liam Buell, USA
John Kelly, Ireland 
3 surgeries for ACL and meniscus repair all on the left knee over the last 3 years. 
By SportsFREQ instructor in Canada
My client Mazin, came into the clinic with a 7/10 in knee pain.
There was a ton of inflammation in his left knee and he was very sore during palpation. Since his first knee surgery 3 years ago, he always felt the weather changes dramatically in his knee.
In three years, he had three surgeries on his left knee. After my physical examination I wanted further proof to show him, so I used my special infrared camera which highlighted the inflamed areas.
After the application of the SportsFREQ Discs, BOOM!
He went from a 7/10 in pain just standing there, to a 3/10 in pain during a single leg squat!! He couldn't believe it.
After the SportsFREQ session, he stated, "I feel like I can go for a run!"
Left Knee, Outer Side
Check out the temperature - 34.7 degrees celsius. Look at the whitish and bright yellow areas -these are areas of inflammation. This is 3 minutes prior to using SportsFREQ discs. The post discing photo shows the temperature drop by 0.6 degrees celsius within 3 minutes! Insane! Wolverine healing!
Left Knee, Outer Side 
Post discing with SportsFREQ Discs. You can see within minutes the whitish and bright yellow colour (inflammation) has already decreased. Further, the temperature is also changing!! This is all within 3 minutes! 
Left Knee, Inner Side 
Check out the bright yellow lines - that is inflammation. Mazin came in with a lot of pain today. Within 3 minutes, that pain started to dissipate dramatically.
Left Knee, Inner Side
Left inner side of knee. This is after the SportsFREQ Discs have been applied. The purple colour shows the inflammation already beginning to move out. The temperature dropped from 34.6 to 33.6 degrees celsius within 3 minutes! Wow! Magic discs!!!
Right Knee 
Fully intact with no pain. Check out the temperature difference from his "good" knee, 31.2 degrees celsius compared to his left knee which is 34.7 + degrees celsius. To the touch, the left knee is much hotter.
Each Course qualifies the therapists to:
  • Receive a SportsFREQ attendance certificate
  •  Practice SportsFREQ in their own clinics 
  •  Purchase the SportsFREQ Discs practiced in the course
  •  Access the online training portal with further materials and protocols 
  •  Purchase hard-copy material developed for patients 
  •  Access relevant articles and science online  
  •  Watch SportsFREQ Assessment Tutorial Videos
After Course 3 Certification possibilities :
  •  Train to become SportsFREQ Therapy Instructor
  •  Be authorized to use material with SportsFREQ Therapy logo
  •  Be assigned as SportsFREQ Mentor for further support and guidance  
Course 1 Program
Day 1
What is the ANF Therapy?
How does it work?
Types of pain
Development of inflammation
Introducing ANF discs
Course 1 diagnosis
Practical training on each other
Free radicals / oxidative stress
Practical training on Test patients

Diagnosis Course 1 -1
• SI Joint
• Achilles Tendon
• ITB Syndrome
• Hip/Groin Pain
• Jumpers knee
• Acute Injuries
• Plantar Fascia
• Orthopedic injuries

Day 2

Recap from Day 1
Antioxidants Gluthatione and Carnosine 
Pain management
Clinical Injuries
Nervous System
Reviewing the relevant diagnosis
Practical training on Test patients
Treatment methodology and ethics
Detox symptoms
Therapist agreement

Diagnosis Course 1 - 2
• Ankle Sprain
• Hamstring
• Meniscus
• Sciatic pain 
• Muscle Tears
• Ant. Tibia
• Shin Splints
Course 2 Program
Day 3
Questions from Course 1
Invisible Inflammation
Human Body Energy
Review of relevant diagnosis
Practical training on each other
Practical training on test patients

Diagnosis Course 2 - 1
• Shoulder Injuries
• Impingement 
• Acute Lower Back 
• Shoulder Pain 
• Orthopedic injuries
• Wrist / Elbow 
• Carpal Tunnel 

Day 4

Recap of Day 3
Glutathione and Canonise level 2
Review of relevant diagnosis
Practical training on each other
Practical training on test patients

Diagnosis Course 2 - 2
• Lumbar Pain 
• Adductors 
• Tennis Elbow 
• Insomnia 
• Intestinal issues 
• Chronic Lowe Back 
• Sprained Joint 
• Biceps Tendon 
SFQ Course 1
Injury & Inflammation 1
SFQ Course 2
Injury & Inflammation 2
SFQ Course 3
Injury & Inflammation 3
USA Sports Injuries and Inflammation Courses
SFQ Course 1 & 2
New Courses available soon
SFQ Course 3
Injury & Inflammation 3
Navid Mansouri, Boxer
Sonikqua, Track and Field Athlete
Improved CRE Test Results with SFQ

Main Features
  • Improve your performance by up to 80% 
  • ​Optimize nitric oxide production 
  • ​Optimize blood circulation
  • ​Optimize lung function  
  • ​Optimize heart function 
  • ​Optimize RBC production   
  • ​Improve lymphatic function
  • ​Optimize organ function
  • ​Maximize cellular energy production
Main Features
  • Prevent injuries. 100% shorter injury time
  • Sportsfreq’s frequencies create the body’s ability to self-repair and   
  •           increase production of antioxidants
  • Helps the brain to correct the error by returning the correction signals  
  • Improve signalization to both the brain and other body parts including           organs and glands
  • ​Reduce Lactic acid 
  • ​Reduce or prevent pain
  • ​Prevent stomach problems & prevent cramps
Day 1

  •  Introduction
  •  What is SportsFREQ Discs?
  •  How does it work?
  •  Frequencies 
  •  Performance & endurance tests 
  •  How to Perform A Muscle testing ?
  •  Introducing sportsFREQ discs
  •  PRO protocol application
  •  Practical training on each other
  •  Free radicals / oxidative stress

Day 2

  •  Recap from day 1
  •  Antioxidants Gluthatione and Carnosine 
  •  Athletes important information
  •  Nervous System
  •  Reviewing the relevant Protocols 
  •  Treatment methodology and ethics
  •  Detox symptoms
  •  Evaluation
  •  Therapist agreement
  •  Certificate
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